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citizen m
Very good adjustment. Recommended by a friend. Went in with severe neck pain. Had immediate relief. Completely cleared up after 2 adjustments. Friendly staff and very accommodating with appointments. Small, not fancy, but that D.C. sure knows his stuff! My new chiropractor. I will be back! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE REVIEW!

Mark Hasty
I dropped by Alamo Chiropractic on the way to the beach because of back pain, and was seen very quickly. The care was fantastic and allowed me to enjoy 2 days on the golf course. I would highly recommend A.L.A.M.O to anyone. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE REVIEW!

dan persinger
After my accident i really need a dr i could trust. Dr Phil is awesome CLICK HERE TO SEE THE REVIEW!

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Candy Bembry
Four times I thought there was no relief in sight. Each time I tried to brave it out, thinking I could stretch the pain away. Each time I ended up seeing Dr Phil. I sing his praises. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE REVIEW!

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